Our Partners

Patrick Sposato is Vice President of RCM Technologies (NASDAQ: RCMT) which is known for its engineering and excellence and expertise for over 35 years. Its staff of over 450 engineers and technical designers located in over 25 cities in North America support a full spectrum of engineering, procurement and construction  management (EPCM) services in transmission, distribution and generation projects of complex size and scope in utility, industrial and commercial applications. RCM is the most experienced and bankable fuel cell engineering and construction management company in the State of New York. Patrick is responsible for bringing the highest quality and most cost-efficient  EPC solutions to our fuel cell projects.

Wayne Allen is a data center industry veteran whose experience and relationships span the sector, from the developers and operators of these heavily power-centric facilities through to the major corporations, governments, telecommunications network operators and cloud services providers who locate their most critical systems within them.  As a member of our advisory board, Wayne’s guidance is central to our market strategy as this industry sector shifts to renewable energy and microgrid solutions to reduce operating costs, increase resiliency and reduce their carbon footprints.  Wayne studied at Syracuse University and has an MA from the University of VA.

Herb Rakebrand and Associates, LLC (HRA) advises energy financial institutions and generation companies on a broad range of short and long-term bulk fuels supply strategic planning, contracting, portfolio management and asset valuation services. Herb’s 35 years of direct public and private sector experience in interstate and LDC natural gas markets contributes invaluable and unparalleled  expertise, experience and relationships regarding natural gas infrastructure and markets to our business and ensures our fuel cells  operate on the least-cost, most reliable source of  natural gas.

ArcStar Energy, LLC co-founded by Monty Bannerman and Chick Wassell in 2008, is  expert in the origination and development of grid-tied utility renewable energy project sites in emerging markets. ArcStar’s financial, legal and technical team extends and augments the reach of their clients, improves their transaction efficiency and accelerates their market penetration. Since 2008 ArcStar has participated directly in 14 national and most active state and provincial emerging markets throughout the Americas on behalf  of some of the largest investors and developers in the renewable energy industry.