About Us

We are a veteran group of energy and communications infrastructure professionals with decades of experience in developing, constructing and operating mission-critical  technologies, facilities and networks.

Our Beliefs:

  • That the imperative for a clean, resilient and reliable supply of energy is apparent to all New Yorkers, especially in dense urban coastal areas like NYC.
  • That the foundation of New York’s energy and economic future will be built on the advanced distributed energy  generation and storage technologies we are deploying, which deliver clean, quiet, lower-cost electricity close to where we use it.  Even during extreme weather and tidal events.
  • That deploying our energy facilities is important to delivering many economic, social and environmental benefits and for the protection of life and property to the NYC electric utilities, businesses and communities we serve.
  • That New York market, regulatory, environmental, political and social forces are all aligned in this necessary evolution.

Metropolitan New York City currently holds the greatest opportunity in America to lead this evolution, having the highest levels of urban density, economic activity, demand for energy, congestion in distribution networks and utility energy rates in the nation.


We are among the most qualified and experienced teams in the United States in designing, constructing and operating advanced energy facilities and networks in dense urban coastal communities.

Our networked energy systems and facilities integrate advanced energy storage, solar and fuel cell technologies into NYC’s dense urban environment and operate cleanly, quietly, reliably. They are located freestanding in open spaces, on rooftops and integrate into existing and new building energy infrastructure.

We deliver valuable long term credit-worthy rents to landowners, make investments and create jobs in the local community, reduce energy costs for our customers, help avoid grid failures and provide emergency power and communications services when they are most needed.


  • Advanced battery energy storage systems
  • Gas-to-energy and energy-to-gas fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Commercial & large scale solar
  • Utility scale onshore wind
  • Flywheel energy storage systems
  • Ice-to-energy plants
  • Hybrid solar/wind/gas generation systems
  • Remote and grid-independent power and telecom systems
  • Data center power and communication systems and networks
  • District heating and cooling plants
  • Advanced control & peering systems & networks
  • Network operation and control centers
  • Utility distribution network infrastructure and systems
  • Utility transmission network infrastructure and systems