Our Purpose

MicroGrid Networks, LLC is in the business of developing, constructing and operating resilient clean energy generation and storage systems, facilities and networks in the dense urban environments of New York City. We make utility electricity networks, buildings and local communities more resilient, in order to protect life and property during extreme weather and tidal events.

We also deliver energy cost savings to our customers, attractive rents to landowners who host our systems, greenhouse gas reduction to help the utility, City and State meet their goals and make investments and create good jobs in the community.

NYC is the most dense and complex coastal economy and energy market in North America. The city and State are taking vigorous action to prepare for more frequent and intense weather and tidal events. MGN’s energy facilities directly address these risks, increase the value of real estate where they are located, create a new foundation for economic growth and competitive advantage in our city and improve the environment for all residents.

Our Strengths

The MGN team has nearly 100 years of cumulative experience in deploying advanced distributed power and communications systems and networks designed to operate continuously, in emergency conditions and natural disasters.

We have a long-established history and deep relationships in the distributed renewable energy industry and the backing and strategic guidance of SER Capital Partners, who are among the most experienced institutional sustainable infrastructure investors in America.

Our greatest strengths are our trusted relationships with landowners, developers and local communities in New York City where we live, build and operate our attractive, quiet and modular systems and facilities.

Our Technologies

The advanced energy storage and generation technologies deployed at each of our facilities are specifically designed to deliver the greatest value and resiliency to the properties and buildings which host them, the local utility network and the communities in close proximity. Each of our facilities are also designed to work as part of an energy network, working in concert to deliver benefits to the broader communities of NYC.

Our technologies have proven capabilities and operational histories. They are compact, quiet, environmentally sound, cost-effective, efficient and unobtrusive. They can be installed in a wide range of locations and applications. The high reliability and availability designed into our energy facilities make them ideally suited to providing  emergency power and communications services to the buildings, businesses and residents where they are located.

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