We are a veteran group of finance, technical, development and legal professionals with decades of experience in advanced, distributed power and communications technologies and networks.

We Believe:

That America’s energy future will be powered by massively distributed energy  generation and storage technologies, fueled by renewable sources and natural gas.
The imperative for clean energy will only increase over time, especially in urban settings. Market, regulatory, technology, environmental and social forces are all aligned in this evolution, already under way.
That energy will be generated, stored and exchanged in close proximity to where we use it. These systems will be networked and will add new services, capabilities and benefits to the utilities, businesses and communities they serve.
The area within 100 Miles of Manhattan has the greatest concentration of urban density, economic activity, demand for renewable energy, congestion in utility  networks and the highest utility electricity rates in the nation.
That only three technologies exist which operate cleanly, quietly, reliably and competitively in urban utility distribution networks: fuel cells, solar and energy storage systems.
Fuel cells produce energy continuously, cost competitively and reliably, even  during natural disasters. They convert natural gas to electricity with zero combustion emissions.
Solar produces energy during daylight hours when demand is at its peak and electricity is most expensive. Solar and is a leader in the global renewable energy cost revolution.
Advanced batteries store energy for use on command and integrate seamlessly into networks with fuel cells and solar.  These networks deliver clean, resilient energy more reliably and cost effectively than traditional technologies and networks.


We are among the most qualified and experienced teams in the United States in:

Identifying and qualifying energy sites and projects which are and will remain the most scarce and valuable energy network locations.
Acquiring, developing and integrating sites, projects and technologies into advanced, intelligent distributed energy networks.
Delivering advanced services, resiliency and reliability to urban utility networks and the critical customers they serve.


  • Gas-to-energy and energy-to-gas fuel cells
  • Commercial & large scale solar
  • Integrated battery storage systems
  • Large scale wind
  • Engine & turbine generation
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Ice-to-energy district cooling
  • Integrated solar/gas generation
  • Integrated wind/gas generation
  • Emergency backup and battery systems
  • Remote and grid-independent power systems
  • Advanced telecommunications power & communication networks
  • Data Center network, power and HVAC systems
  • District heating and cooling plants
  • Advanced control systems & peering networks
  • Network operation and control centers
  • Distribution network infrastructure and systems
  • Transmission network infrastructure and systems