Our Purpose

MicroGrid Investments L.P. is in the business of acquiring, financing and developing high value renewable energy sites and projects into advanced distributed microgrid networks. We are intensely familiar with the dense urban markets of New York where electrical demand and prices are high, grid congestion is a problem and siting of traditional generation facilities is no longer practical due to environmental, political and economic factors. Our networks of energy generation and storage nodes deliver cost competitive, resilient renewable energy to New York public utilities, municipalities and large commercial customers who are required to meet state regulatory mandates to source 50 percent of all electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

New York is a US leader in renewable energy and has established market and  regulatory reforms and incentives which strongly support the adoption of distributed microgrids comprised of fuel cells, solar and energy storage technologies. Understanding where these technologies can deliver the greatest value to utility networks and customers in this complex market is core to the value we create for our energy purchasers and investors.

Our Core Strengths & Advantages

The MGI team has nearly 100 years of cumulative experience in the design, financing, deployment and operation of large scale advanced distributed power and communications networks in deregulating utility markets. We have long-established technology and market relationships with the leading participants in the distributed energy ecosystem. There are current and pressing needs to add large volumes of clean energy and resiliency in many urban electrical grids. The traditional means of addressing these shortfalls – construction of large generation plants or more power lines – is neither practical nor economical.

Our deep expertise, proprietary systems and data encompass all aspects of renewable energy, the regulatory environment and electrical infrastructure in this most dense and complex energy market in North America. This positions us to acquire and manage the most valuable distributed renewable energy investments that meet the needs of  New York utilities, municipalities and businesses, now and into the future.

Our Preferred Technologies

Subject to them being clean, proven and economical, we are technologically agnostic. Currently, fuel cells, solar and advanced batteries are the only technologies which meet these criteria and can be integrated into distributed distributed microgrids which will operate continuously in the dense urban utility networks and communities of  New York.

Fuel cells – which now have long-proven capabilities and operational histories – are compact, quiet, environmentally sound, cost-effective, efficient and unobtrusive. They can be integrated seamlessly with solar and energy storage into distributed microgrids and installed in a wide range of locations and applications. Their high reliability and availability make them ideal for supplying power around the clock and simultaneously providing backup or emergency power in coastal regions such as New York which are subject to increasing risk of grid outages due to natural disaster.