Our Purpose

MicroGrid Networks, LLC is in the business of developing, financing and operating resilient renewable energy facilities which are monitored and managed as an advanced energy network specifically designed to serve dense urban coastal communities.

In New York City, where electricity demand and prices are high, grid congestion is a problem and the risks of extreme weather and tidal events are very real, traditional electricity infrastructure is no longer the most reliable, economically competitive or  environmentally sound means to deliver critical electricity supply to end users.

Our networks of energy storage and generation facilities deliver cost competitive, resilient renewable energy to New York public utilities, municipalities and large commercial customers who are required to meet state and city regulatory mandates for greenhouse gas reduction and wish to take action to mitigate risks to property and life from extreme weather and tidal events.

Our Core Strengths & Advantages

The MicroGrid Networks team has nearly 100 years of cumulative experience in deploying advanced distributed power and communications technologies, systems and facilities designed to operate continuously, in  emergency conditions and throughout natural disasters.

We have long-established relationships with the leading participants in the distributed renewable energy industry and the backing of some of the most experienced institutional infrastructure investors.

Most importantly, we have trusted relationships with New York City landowners and developers and with the communities where we are deploying our facilities and network.

As the most dense and complex coastal economy and energy market in North America, New York City must prepare for the reality of increasing extreme weather and tidal events. MGN’s facilities and network address these risks while increasing the value of real estate, creating the foundation for economic growth and employment in the city where we live and work and improving the environment for all residents.

Our Preferred Technologies

The advanced energy storage, solar and hydrogen fuel cell technologies deployed at our facilities are designed to deliver the greatest value to our utility network, municipal, commercial and industrial electricity purchasers and to the land and building owners who work with us to host them or integrated them into their developments.

Our technologies have proven capabilities and operational histories – they are compact, quiet, environmentally sound, cost-effective, efficient and unobtrusive. They can be installed in a wide range of locations and applications. The high reliability and availability designed into our energy facilities make them ideally suited to providing  emergency power to the buildings, businesses and residents where they are located.